IHer Wins Gardening Award

An International House resident has been awarded the top prize in this years Australian awards for ecological sustainability and environmental nutrition science.

The award was given for his innovative approach to water distribution. Bringing the spirit of diversity to the ecological realm.

When asked his secret, “You see the trick is watering each plant equally.” Wise words. And certainly a lesson we can all learn from one who has mastered his craft.

When asked how he came up with this innovative gardening technique, his reply was “Years of Self Help finally paying off.” He is the first IHer to go on record to say they have actually benefited from Self Help. Ironic given the name of the initiative.

He chose to remain anonymous, fearing reproach from the International Gardening Federation for use of unsolicited chemically enhanced fertilizer. And to be fined for failure to attend a shift.

When asked what was in store next. He mentioned he’d like to open a restaurant.

Certainly an inspiration to the local community. 

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