BoW – The Rainbow Lorikeet

Bird of the Week – The Rainbow Lorikeet

Latin Name: Trichoglossus haematodus
Some Stats:
– One screechy birb
– Lives in a crazy big flock
– Eats both native and non-native fruits and
berries, along with nectar!
You can see this bird heaps around Parkville,
especially on the walk to Uni and in the park.

Birding: A Handy Guide
Birding, or recreational bird watching, is a
great way to learn more about the wildlife
around IH and Australia – it’s also super fun.

Tips for Birding
– Don’t talk loudly
– Slow movements
– Just resign yourself to the fact that you will
very rarely get a good photo of a bird cause
they’re fast little buggers.
– Have fun : )))))))))

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