Staying Afloat at LAN Party

As we set sail towards LAN, here’s some advice from your friendly Captains (Jim and Rob) and their crew on how not to get rekt on Friday night’s voyage.

Regardless if you consider yourself a gamer, come down anyway. The atmosphere is what LAN is all about and there’s nothing funnier than seeing people rage at their computer screens.

Feel free to join in any game and ask if you can use someone’s computer to have a go. You’d be surprised how willing they are to coach you rather than play themselves.

You don’t have to come right at the start, or stay right to the very end (the after party is breakfast).

Most people who LAN are not basement-dwelling hobbits with no social skills. People are always up for a chat and happy to teach new players. It’s better to ask before you get into a game of Halo and get the odd ball, then drop it 5 seconds later because you didn’t realise that was the whole point of the game.

LAN Etiquette: don’t touch people’s computers without permission. Certain individuals are VERY touchy about their peripherals and they have a right to be. A high quality mouse costs over $100, so don’t go caressing it without the owner’s OK.

Eat the food, but don’t eat ALL the food. Enough said.

For those who haven’t gamed on a PC before, consoles! The Wii is the best choice for a completely new gamer, with Smash Bros allowing a good button-mash and well-known characters. There might be some COD, Halo (both first person shooters), Injustice or Soul Calibur V (DC Comics/fantasy based fighters).

FIFA players get their own room. FIFA is FIFA.

For fellow comrades with Macs: there are a few games you can play on them, yay! Our suggestions are Counterstrike, Left for Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, COD or Dota2/LOL.

Room points are available for people who help pack up.

D O N A T E.

The reason this LAN is going to have a ridiculous amount of food is because of donations. We want to buy some new equipment at some point so if you’re participating, chuck in $1 or $2.

We hope to see many of you in the JCR from 8:30pm onwards: from the newbies to the veterans, the so-called “pro’s” and everyone in between. LAN party is only as good as you choose to make it and if you follow the above guide you will no doubt start your SWOTVAC on a high note.


Written by Jim Browne, Rob Soh, Emma Randles and Tom Soh.

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