A Poem Expressing My Gratitude Towards Power Naps

Ah yes! Take me back, I do remember when

My mind was clear, my emotions were zen.

Twas long in the past, say maybe three weeks?

When I actually was rested and knew the word “sleep.”


Now Swot Vac is here and he’s brought his friend stress,

Anxiety arrives soon, so too does unrest.

They stare at you harshly, they tear up your head

Wave goodbye to your sanity, you’re emotionally ded.


But then out of no-where, a saviour shows up,

He’s big and he’s strong and he likes to fight rough.

He annihilates anxiety, destroys stress with a slap

He’s the mother of all heroes, he’s the mighty Power Nap!


He steals from the rested and gives to the tired,

He comes to the rescue when you’re feeling most wired.

He gets you out of trouble when you’re just about to snap,

Cause when the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.


P.s. On a serious note tho, good luck with your exams and shit fam, and just remember that

Power Nap is always there to save the day.

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