How is it week four already?! The thought of the work piling up, the laundry pile that’s starting to take the shape of a little midget, the quickly approaching mid-semester tests are causing me to hyperventilate and are sending me spiralling into a panic attack. I am NOT AT ALL prepared and I find myself 20 lectures behind (yippee for MCB that has 6 lectures a week :/). Many quizzes and due dates are fast approaching and I’m running out of clean clothes! Plus, My goodness, I’m giving myself major anxiety by writing this out, but oh well.

Today, I’m using my well-oiled procrastination skills to spend some time on the internet ‘researching’ productivity (And also take a few meme-viewing breaks). I have picked some habits which I plan to follow religiously for a month. According to my research it does take 21 days to build a habit, but I’m giving myself a month because I need some time e to adjust. I’m going to report my progress every month to globe so that I’m held accountable to all the goals I’ve set (#pressure). The fact that I’ve procrastinated by writing this article just exposes the depth of my problem.
Here are my promises to myself:

#1. I will write a to-do list each day and prepare everything I need in advance. Far too often I find myself looking for a pen around in bag only to find I left it on my desk, at IH.

#2. I will go to bed early! Sleep specialists recommend trying to get to bed between half 9 and 11ish, so I aim to be in bed at 10pm every night, no matter what, including weekends. #no partying #not like I partied anyway. I will be waking up early and I will do a technology detox by not using my phone for the first few hours of the day. I’ will be waking up at 4 am #joining the 4am club #anxiety is increasing.

#3. Jogging everyday… Errrrrm we’ll see if I actually get to this one lol exercise is not my friend.

#4. Review my day – I’ll write out what I’m are grateful for in a journal and reflect on the day.

#5. Read for 10 – 20 minutes every day about something not related to my University work… (I’ll try)

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