Noodle Your Way Into the Light

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 Love instant noodles? Of course you do, who doesn’t, right? Convenient, delicious and so easy to make that an “Instant Noodles for Dummies” book doesn’t exist. Perfection in a packet. Well, everyone, it’s time to shatter your fantasy. I’m proud to present: 5 reasons why you’ll love this article (and me by default) – Why Instant Noodles will be the death of you.

  1. Ever wondered why instant noodles don’t stick together? Why they’re always so wonderfully slippery and slimy and covered in wax? That’s right, guys. The secret ingredient is a super thin coating of wax. Sounds bad? It’ll sound even worse when you realize that it will take a minimum of 4 to 5 days for your body to dispel the unnatural substance. Sound worse yet? Good.
  2.  Processed noodles also take much longer for our digestive systems to break down, leaving the stomach working overtime and struggling for hours. Preservatives and other chemical ingredients to enhance the flavor of noodles are all possible culprits.
  3. According to research, a positive correlation has been discovered between metabolic syndrome and instant noodle consumption. In women, those who ate instant noodles at least twice a week had a higher chance of metabolic syndrome even when the results were adjusted for physical fitness, individual diet, etc… This could very well be attributed to the high fat and sodium concentrations in processed foods.
  4. Speaking of sodium concentrations, a single packet of noodles contains an average of 830 mg. This is almost half the recommended daily allowance for sodium consumption in adults. This might not sound like anything serious, until I mention that excessive sodium intake has been linked to conditions such as heart failure, kidney problems and high blood pressure. Sound grave yet? It should.
  5. Finally, instant noodles don’t taste so good because they’re heaven-sent. Though that would be very convenient indeed. They contain lots and lots of chemicals that even I, as an aspiring chemical engineer, can’t comprehend. In particular, substances that increase the shelf-life of processed products are especially harmful. For instance, propylene glycol (an anti-freeze ingredient popular in packet noodles) can accumulate in the heart, liver and kidneys leading to abnormalities and damage. It also has the potential to weaken your immune system. Now, guys, next time you’re feeling too lazy to cook or if CaterCare is serving terrible food again, think twice before turning to your box of instant noodles!

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