Evie’s Brunch Bucket List: The Green Refectory

 Run Forrest, run!

This is the closest café to IH (George Hicks café not included) You can walk in the royal parade sunshine for 1.5km, feel the wind in your hair on your bike for 1.5km, I’m fairly sure you can run 1.5km in 8mins easy! Get yo ass here!

I think Greens know that there is a horde of hungry IH students down the road. They have therefore, kindly placed a $9 eggs Benedict on the menu. Yes, $8.50 for poached eggs, English Breakfast muffins, tomato, basil and hollandaise sauce.

How many F bombs would Gordon Ramsey give the food?

The eggs Benedict. duh. Add some avocado and salmon for a mouth watering breakfast you won’t want to finish. The breakfast burrito is jammed packed with breakfast goodness of eggs, ham, mushroom, tomato, oregano, parsley and cheese. You may not be able to walk out of the shop. 

What’s your tipple?

You can only tell that this cafe is around by the square “illy” coffee sign hanging over the footpath. It’s a solid drink, but from greens, grab a freshly squeezed apple juice to refresh yourself after shopping up at Barkley square.

How would it rate on the block?

Greens is ultimate hipster. You want a table number? You get a 10cm^2 canvas print to decorate your table while you wait. Greens is currently fixing up their kitchen to make more yummy food, so they also have a pop up store about 100m closer to IH then their main store. Both stores are a good level of cosy, noisy and lively.

Get up there for delicious, hipster, cheap food!!

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