Dear Melbourne

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve arrived here, and I’ve learnt a great deal from you. I’ve experienced so much more than I expected to just within the past month and a half.


Coming from Singapore, I thought I knew what cultural diversity looked like, but you’ve proven me wrong. The variety you continue to show off astounds me.


And at first your transportation system really confused me. I’ve never ridden in trams before, they looked like smaller versions of trains that run along the centre of the road. Speaking of which, why are your train stops so far apart? Back home I could walk the length of 4 train stops but I wouldn’t even think of doing that here. Now, even though I’ve mastered your transportation system, I’ve decided to fully utilise my two legs. There’s nothing like plugging in my earphones and walking from CBD all the way back to IH.


The food you have is amazing too, which is why I’ve been trying my best to resist buying take-out and gaining back the weight I lost during O week. Not to mention the coffee, caffeine doesn’t work on me but I feel guilty everytime I drink more than 2 flat whites in a day.


Oh yeah, and your weather. Ha, where do I even begin on your weather? The weather back home is unpredictable too, so I thought I could handle your weather. Nope, you completely blew all my expectations with your cold breeze and freezing drops of rain, as well as your cloudless skies that reveal scorching rays of sunshine. Despite all of that, I’ve completely fallen in love with your sunset and night skies. I’ve never seen a night sky so bright before, littered with so many stars, or a sunset so beautifully coloured.


What I look forward to in spending more time with you? Experiencing the different seasons, I’ve never got to fully experience all the different seasons before. I’ve never seen the leaves turn colour before, nor seen the leaves fall in unison. I look forward to exploring the hidden laneways and finding my favourite café spot.


I look forward to all that you have to show and teach me, both about you and myself.

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