Earth Day

On Earth Day, 22nd April of 2015, a poster of a huge tree, resembling an outstretched palm stood tall in International House’s dining hall. Over the day, the IH students were seen adding their palm prints the poster. Each palm on the tree represents a pledge of commitment to do their part of the environment, for example, to turn off the lights when not their room. It was a curious sight for those who were unaware, seeing several of their fellow IHers leaving the dining hall with their hands covered in an array of colorful paint. However, soon many were into the act of getting their hands dirty, literally. It was encouraging to see the tree adorned with so many palm prints, some creatively decorated, by the end of the day. The many palms prints create a beautiful display resembling a huge tree. This tree represents IH students’ united effort and commitment towards environmental sustainability.

Earth Day may be just be one of the many days of the year. Yet the pledges made marked by each palm print will be an indelible reminder to all IH students that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. For those of you that missed the chance to make a pledge, it is never too late; here is the pledges you could make right now!

I will turn off my lights when I’m not in my room

I will use my IH Keep Cup instead of paper cups

I will turn off the tap when brushing my teeth

I will use a water bottle and not buy bottled water

I will print and use both sides

I will ask for smaller portions at meals if unable to finish

I will use the clothes lines instead of using the tumble dryer

I will use less detergent 



This will not be the last you will be hearing from the Environments Committee, look out for our upcoming series of posters aim at spurring IHers to be responsible consumers and environmentalists. 

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