Fine Art Downtown

The fine art world for many people is something incredibly puzzling, convoluted, intimidating but also beautiful. I’m here to break it down for you and give some great spots to experience what art has to offer. This is a route along Flinders Lane in the CBD showing you the art on exhibition taking about thirty to forty-five minutes at each stop. By the end of the day, maybe you too will see art as I do: full of possibilites and beauty, or at least you might get that really artsy girl/guy that you have been trying to impress.)

  1. Now, our first stop of the day is the lifeblood of any hardworking artist coffee! Take a tram down to Flinders Street and walk left towards Parliament and you’ll get to Degraves Street. By day a lane of cafes with great coffee and by night a canvas for street artists.
  2.  Keep going straight and you will get to Flinders Lane take a right till you get to Swanston and on your right should be Blindside Gallery. A small artist run initiative that exhibits an innovative contemporary line up of less well known artists.
  3.  Still up for more? Keep going down Flinders Lane towards parliament and you will see the Anna Schwartz gallery. Currently on exhibition is a painter Jenny Watson who provides us with an introspective recollection of her childhood drawing upon it for inspiration.
  4.  Last stop on Flinders Lane is the Karen Woodbury Gallery just a few stores next to the Anna Schwartz Gallery. It is now showing another painter Locust Jones who purposefully abstracts images to form a signature style, a throwback to the modernist era which was all about having this original form. 

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