Public Service Announcement – no. 72

IH dinners are getting very long and arduous these days so here is your friendly 7 step guide on cutting those lines, pleasing your stomach before it eats you instead and having an enjoyable dinner!

  1. Check the plates outside the kitchen area to work out what is for dinner if you haven’t checked Nexus. Although it’s IH so let’s be honest, the visual and the description off Nexus sometimes don’t match up!
  2. Enter the kitchen to check which bains-marie has said delicious dinner option. Easy choice for you vegos, always on the right!
  3. Once bains-marie is picked, join the appropriate line Turn to friend or friendly strange IH-er (let’s be honest, you have forgotten most of those pesky seniors/freshers anyway) and begin a conversation.
  4. Once at the front, greet awesome Cater Care staff (if they like you, you might get a bit extra, it’s all about who you know)
  5. Then the hardest part begins (queue Rebecca Black) picking a seat! Luckily you started that conversation earlier! And don’t forget once you’ve finished, clear the table of all cutlery and crockery!

Soon these steps will be as natural and normal as your relationship with a goon sack (or orange juice for the non-drinkers). Good luck my fellow IH-ers and may dinner be fruitful for all!

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