Welcome to the New Student Club

As the chaos of elections and the tumultuous AGM simmered down IH awoke this week with a completely different body of student representatives. Like the revolutions of old, leaders were taken down from their mighty posts and replaced by the people – for the people.

Yes, International House, you have exercised your democratic rights, and from that pure and sacred right you have enforced change upon the small world that is our College.

In a coup against the former President – a member of his own cabinet – Cindy Nguyen rose from the ranks as International Liaison Officer to replace Brett Stone.

From the floor, chasing Evie Dowling from her pedestal as Vice President rose Emily Shaw. An upstarting young Fresher, challenging the throne!

Michael Leung and Leia Lee overpowered the defenceless Rob Soh and Monique Edwards to take the roles of Secretary and Treasurer respectively in the brand new student club.

Throughout the rest of the week the rest of the former Student Club representatives were harangued by their replacements and their supporters in batches and batches of speeches throughout dinner. As the people moved in droves to support this new leadership, the rest of the student club were swiftly moved out of office. It was announced in one fell swoop of a Facebook post.

The new leaders were announced.


Interesting Facts about the 2015-2016:

  • IHSCC This is the first all-female PVP since before 2009.
  • This may be the first Activities Treasurer who actually owns a money suit.
  • This is the first male Globe editor since 2012. It is unknown how many years it has been since Globe has been edited by a non-arts student.
  • This is the first Student Club with an Arts and Music representative.
  • There has not been a female GMGC in many years.

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