Student Club Positions

President – Brett Stone

The President is the leader and facilitator for the Student Club Committee and its various activities. The President should strive to be aware of committee members needs and should provide support and guidance. As a facilitator, the President chairs GC, GCAC, GM and AGMs and should encourage the flow of communication. The flow of communication passes from GC meetings through the President to the Head, Deputy Head and Council. It is important that the President is approachable to all students and staff, and can relay any complaints or comments to House. The President should be a role model, demonstrating and supporting the core values of International House.

Vice President – Evangaline Dowling

VP, or Vice President is the secret person behind the scenes making sure everyone in the student club is running well. There’s three main events the VP is in charge of-> allocating rooms from the room point lists at the end of sem 2, organising the House photo at the start of sem 1 and organising the amazing, fantastic and incredible sem 2 mini Oweek! In addition to this, there’s weekly General Committee meetings and weekly meetings with Deborah, PC and the President. These meetings are crucial to ensuring House and the student body have a clear path of communication. So, if you have good organisation skills, enjoy attending IH events and can liaise with different people, try running for VP!

Secretary – Robert Soh

The secretary is in charge of organising meetings and taking minutes, communicating information between students, the IHSC and staff and overall being a person to approach with any questions. The main event that the secretary organises is the General Meeting, held three times a year. It’s a great position as you get to know pretty much everything that is going around at IH and are always involved

Treasurer – Monique Edwards

As Treasurer your main responsibilities involve managing IHSC money! IHSC has 2 treasurers, each with different roles. Treasurer sits on GC (big budget, big events) while Activities Treasurer sits on AC (smaller budget, smaller events). The Treasurers regular duties involve preparing budgets for OWeek, Ball, Play etc., evaluating proposals to purchase assets and writing out cheques. To be treasurer you should have a good understanding of Accounting, as preparing financial reports for IHSC is part of your role.

Activities Officer – Chris Zifan

Activities Officer is not a position that is easily summed up. There are many direct responsibilities that the role entails such as organisation of the 3 major non-O-Week-related parties (Semester One – National Night Afterparty, Café International Afterparty, and another themed to your choosing; Semester Two – Party Planning Party, National Night Afterparty, and Halloween Party), associated liquor licensing and maintenance of the liquor store. Other specific responsibilities include organizing IH day.

More importantly, sitting on the Executive committee, General committee and chairing the Activities committee, as the Activities Officer, you will be placed in a position of key decision making and to be a driving force for positive change. Being privy to the inner workings of the college also lends itself the responsibility to be a contributing member of the college in all of its aspects and to support all the goings-on.

However, one of the most important responsibilities that lies within your portfolio is organizing and coordinating O Week. This means leading a team of at least 16 O-Weekers from a huge variety of different backgrounds in pulling together the 9-day extravaganza that is O Week –including 3 parties, a club night and even an Amazing Race. With the embers of O Week preparation igniting as early as the latter half of Semester 2, you as the Activities Officer will be the O Weeker’s guide and glue and as much as it is important for the incoming cohort of freshers to have a wonderful integrative experience, the well-being of your O Weekers are just equally important particularly in the days of N Week leading up to O Week. There will be tears, there will be lack of sleep, there will be frustration, there will be a collage of every mini-nap taken on the floors of the tute rooms, but the utter bonding that occurs during O Week is not something that can be put into words.

There will be things that you will sacrifice by running for Activities Officer. No, you will not get to drink at any of the parties. No, you will not get to have an O Week group. Yes, you will have to attend many meetings throughout the semester. Yes, you will have to find creative ways of moving $2500 worth of alcohol from place to place. But I can honestly say that the position of Activities Officer has provided me with opportunities I never thought to be possible and is an experience I will never forget. Good luck to those who wish to run for the position.

Activities Treasurer – Gabriel Haines

This role entails handling money for many fun events throughout the year. Things such as parties, national nights and P week just to name a few. You will also be in charge of handling money for shop. Any sports equipment also goes through you. This position sits on the Activities Council.

International Liaison Officer – Cindy Nyguyen

As the International Liaison Officer aka ILO, you are in such a great position that involves bringing fun, entertainment, and truly getting the opportunity to know each and every IHer. You get to organise incredibly fun cultural activities and events to promote multiculturalism and celebrate all nationalities and cultures within the IH community. You get to know what happens at IH, 24/7, that is, you attend Activities Committee (AC) and General Committee (GC). You run the awesomely fun Cultural Committee, and together, organise entertainment for community dinners and many other exciting cultural activities around college. If you are interested in a position that gives you more than skills and experience, it is the ILO position, as this is where you will have the opportunity to truly cherish the many different cultures here at IH and be a part of making IH a strong and united family. Run for ILO, and you will never ever regret it – in fact, you will like it, you will love it, and you will cherish the memories that come with being an ILO. ILO all the way!!!

Community Involvement Representative – Morgan Nicholson

The most awesome position on student club. This position is what you make it. The main aims are to get IH involved in events raising money for local and international causes, and getting them to participate in volunteering opportunities. Some events you could organize include: World’s Greatest Shave, Live Below the Line, Movember, Do it in a Dress and Earth Day, although there are many more if you have the initiative to start something new! You also help run and coordinate the Environments Committee and the Community Committee. Being CIR is a really great way to get to know Melbourne better, become more grateful for what you have and give back to the community. It also gives you lots of great stuff to add to your CV, and lots of leadership and organizational skills which will help through university and probably the rest of your life, I’m sure.

Male Sports Representative – Jack Curnow

If you’re keen on watching, playing and organising sport then the role of IH male sports Rep is definitely one you should consider. While the Melbourne Uni gym membership is a big plus the best part about the role is seeing the organisation in terms of captains/trainings/equipment/uniforms pay off as IHers compete on the college sporting stage, it brings a real tear to the eye.

Female Sports Representative – Alice Martin

As the female sports rep your role is to organise intercollegiate sports (particularly the female sports), attend the intercollegiate sports council meetings and encourage and motivate IHers to take part in all of the sporting activities offered. It is a fun and relatively easy position to have on the student club as you simply need to organise training, team captains and communicate information from the intercollegiate sports council (ie. Competition times, upcoming sports etc). Although it can get quite busy at certain times of the semester it is a really enjoyable position not to mention the free Melbourne uni gym membership you get with the position!

ICAC Representative – Bridget Loughhead

The ICAC representative sits on both IH’s Activity Council and the intercollegiate activity council (ICAC). It’s pretty much the most fun role available – you get to be a part of organising all the big intercollegiate events like Fresher Dance Off, Battle of the Bands etc. It’s also your responsibility to head the P-Week team and organise the week of gentle activities following O-Week at the start of the new academic year. There’s regular work in organising dinner swaps, attending meetings and rustling up support for the six ICAC events per semester, however none of the responsibilities require hours and hours of work.

General Member for Shop – Katherine Dworjanyn

For those interested in Shop it is a really fun job that gives you the chance to meet a group of Freshers and procrastinate in the JCR! But more specifically your role includes- ordering food for shop, unpacking the food, cleaning shop, organising shifts and being prepared to open shop every night (or find people you trust to open it). If you have any questions please send me a message on Facebook or come find me personally and we can chat!

General Member for the General Committee – Sailesh Mukundala and Jack McClure

A GMGC has a budget, you buy/update/maintain equipment in the gym, games room. You also liaise with Colette from CaterCare to make sure food standards and suggestions are kept flowing. You speak to Gary or Nathan for any other issues involving maintenance etc. Nothing really intensive

Globe Editor – Zizi Averill

With quite a bit of effort and no lack of determination Globe is produced every week. It is simultaneously my pleasure, privilege and source of great anxiety to edit this. For those of you who don’t understand how something can both exhaust and enthuse – you may not be disposed to edit a weekly paper. However for those of you who are ready to harass friends and acquaintances on Facebook, run around after photos and articles and stay up late at night checking spelling and grammar – you are the kind of person Globe is looking for. Globe will become a product of your labour – and from this you will adore it like a spoiled demanding child. Honestly, Globe has been a great challenge and an exciting adventure – I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to take up the pen.

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