A Fresher’s Perspective on Mini O- Week

The O-Weekend That Was So….. 

What adjective can I conjure up to describe the O-weekend that was?


And I’m not just saying it to stroke the egos of the oh-so-fabulous mini O-weekrs. My expectations were not just met they were surpassed, and I’m fairly sure that I speak for all the freshfreshers too! It was a jam-packed Friday to Sunday filled with goings-on that were as innovative as they come. And I shall tell you the best of the hurly-burly. The weekend kicked off with the O-weekers doing a delightful rendition of the freshers dance – totally vivacious with sharp and succinct moves. It was lovely. And then it was our turn. My inability to dance is an actual joke. Nonetheless I gave it a go despite my goldfish-like memory and my two left feet. Everyone did too which made it great fun – the jabbawokeez quite seriously have nothing on us freshfreshers (lawl).

At the strike of midnight we found ourselves in the shark tank and thus the hazing began. I must say we had it easy. The practicing of authentic IH rituals was amusing to say the least and I can live to tell the tale thank goodness. When a person claims that they aren’t competitive, they lie.

True colours were revealed on Saturday all thanks to the day’s line-up of events: the Hunger Games, Prison of Azkaban, Cultural Fest, Orienteering and bowling. I quite enjoyed the Hunger Games but I would have to say bowling = best only because I don’t suck apparently – yaaas.

The evening’s shenanigans involved the walking dead aka pub-crawl. Because I am secretly a 19 year old in a 90 year olds body I tactically opted out on the cheap booze and rocking time. Instead I chilled with the oh-so-studious freshfreshers who were studying terribly hard for our citizenship exam – mmmh so we thought. I must say the O-weekers got us good.

The O-weekers were also overly generous over the O-weekend; really, they were. They went as far as giving our alarm clocks a rest and with the harmonious sound of bashing pots and pans they woke us from our deep slumber at 6AM – how thoughtful! Unfortunately I am not equipped to relay the exact events of the vigorous morning exercise as I may have left ten minutes into the workout – what can I say I’m not a morning person.. But kudos to my fellow freshfreshers their enthusiasm was laudable.

The IH O-weekend would not have been complete without the Magical Mystery Tour – a glorious 6km run around the CBD that involved singing, taunting, yelling and chanting as well as performing the fabulous freshers dance to the fellow shoppers at Bourke Street Mall. The vibe was fiery and the energy palpable.

And lastly the Job You’ll Never Have party concluded the hectic weekend. Drinks were flowing, fists were pumping and the good times were rolling – the cherry on top to a gratifying weekend.

On a final note I would like to thank our lovely O-weekers: Evie, Gab, Inika, Miguel, Natcha and Tom for an epic weekend. I must say I will miss having my name scribbled on my forehead. We freshfreshers salute thee!

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