Mini O-Week 2014

IH is hot to go!


Aaaaooooh. Hot to go.

Aaaaooooh. Hot to go!

Mini O Week. A period in time where some of the best events from February’s  nine day O week are combined into a three day, extremely intensive Mini O week experience. And what an experience it was. Organised by the villainous President Soh and his team of BellEvietrix Lestrange, Migneto, JuggerNatcha, SHaines Yu and MalInicent; Mini O week was certainly a time that would not be forgotten. The first night started off with the new Freshers going through the rigorous exercise of learning to dance to Everybody which their leaders would say they picked up pretty quickly. For a while at least. The night culminated with the traditional Table Climb challenge in which most freshers took up the challenge but only a few prevailed, including Zhi Xin Wang, Kenneth Ang and Mini O’Week’s Fresher King, Marvin Tan. The Freshers even took up the challenge to race their Mini O week leaders but unfortunately were unable to best any of the experienced table climbers of Miguel, Gabriel and Tom.

Day 2 saw a quick succession of events with Cultural Fest, Orienteering and Bowling all happening within a very short time frame. The personal favourites of hockey twirl and sweedish moose feeding continued to please both freshers and on looking seniors. That night saw the group go out to see a bit of Melbourne’s night life before heading back to IH to prepare for their Citizenship exam. Whilst many were told to get a good night’s sleep and just study in the morning, many chose to stay up into the early hours of Sunday morning which is unfortunate as they were all woken up quite early for a short bout of morning exercise.

Sunday’s citizenship exam came and went with many seniors and freshers giving some handy tips and experiences to the new IH residents who eagerly absorbed any last minute information they could grab. The afternoon’s final event was the Magical Mystery Tour which saw a large group of IHer’s running, dancing and chanting their way through the uni and the city. This year’s tour is one of the longest ever done, covering an incredible distance of around 6km (including the time on the trams) so congratulations to everyone who went on the tour.

And with that Mini O week came to an end with awards being given at dinner and everyone getting to mingle and dance at the CIA Week’s Job You’ll Never Have Party which I’m sure everyone had a great time at. To all of this semester’s new Freshers, we hope that you had an amazing weekend, because us Mini O weekers certainly had a blast organising everything and getting to know each and every one of you!!! To my team, thank you for making the whole Mini N and Mini O week such an amazing and fun experience! I had such a great time working with you all and wish we could go back and relive some of the fun we had.

-President Soh (I’m going to hold onto the president title a little longer Rahul)

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