Keep Calm and Study

Exams are coming! Time to batten down the hatches, get some serious learning done and consolidate everything you’ve been learning this semester.
Here are some good tips to help you through the exam period:

  1. Wake up for breakfast – you need to collect your daily chocolate from CaterCare. You will need it, and it will save you several times throughout the week.
  2. Study spaces – make use of all the study places available at IH. The library, 197, George Hicks, the Dining Hall and other tutorial rooms, or head to the University study spaces. You often get more done when you’re out of your room and aren’t tempted by your bed to take a nap…
  3. Get enough sleep – you’ll be able to concentrate better, get more done, and help keep those negative thoughts and emotions at bay. It is recommended that you get between 7-9 hours’ sleep every night.
  4. Eat good food – eating regular meals helps keep energy levels more stable, meaning you’ll be able to get more work done. Nuts, blueberries and bananas make great snacks, but if you’re not wanting to spend your own money on food grab an apple from the fruit bowl outside the dining hall. Make sure you’re keeping hydrated by drinking enough water too.
  5. Exercise – doing some exercise in between study helps get the body up and moving, and keeps you from burning out. Go for a walk or jog, have a quick game of basketball or tennis, or if you feel up to it go to a couple of classes at either the Carlton or Brunswick Baths.
  6. Talk to your classmates and tutors – if you don’t understand the material, ask your tutors; they are here to help you. Alternatively, ask people in your class. Two heads are better than one!
  7. Stay calm – if you freak out about how much you have to do, and how little time you have to do it, you’re wasting valuable time which could be used more productively. Accept the limitations you have, and do the best you can with it.
  8. Acknowledge your accomplishments – you managed to get through three lectures today? CONGRATULATIONS. You’re three lectures closer than you were when you started this morning.
  9. ‘You’ time – take some time out of your day to unwind and do something that you enjoy. Watch YouTube videos (as long as you limit yourself to only three ‘recommended videos’, otherwise you could lose your whole day), read a chapter in a book, chat with friends.
  10. Picture the future – picture the future, when you’re exam free and have a whole month to yourself to relax. It is closer than you think!

Remember, everyone feels stressed about exams and assignments. You’re not alone in this. You can speak to any of your RAs as well as the residential tutors for support (contact details at the back of the dining hall). For more information check out the tip sheets and publications available on the University of Melbourne website:

 They have tips on many other things such as: better sleep, coping with failure, maintaining motivation to study, perfectionism, stress and burnout, anger, etc. Follow these tips, keep calm and study on!



Have you been extra stressed with uni lately, or getting nervous about doing your first big uni exam coming up or just have things that just keep playing on your mind? Your RAs are here!

This time of year is stressful and just exhausting for everyone. For some they are happy to express their frustrations whilst others lock themselves in their room. Whichever type of person you we just want to remind you that you are not alone!

If it is all getting a bit much, your RAs may surprise you and give you some words of wisdom so if you need a good vent then come find one of the five RAs or all of us if you want to, we’re not fussed.

Lastly, we just wanted to congratulate everyone for this semester because all of you have been embracing what IH has to offer and truly making it feel like home. So, let’s keep it up during the inevitable SWOTVAC blues and just keeping thinking how HOLIDAYS are fast approaching, woo!



RA Contact Details:

Katherine: 0433 819 250

Morgan: 0449 508 945

Bridget: 0455 733 576

Miguel: 0423 924 992

Khaya: 0427 804 796


Xoxo Your RA’s

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