Humans of IH – Martin Sy

A little while ago there was a wonderful idea that was passed around the table without anything actually happening. I do conclude that this author is entirely to blame. But finally, Siblings of IH is a thing. It’s concrete. It’s published. And with your support it’s here to stay. Now if you think this is a cliché or a shameless rip off of ‘Humans of IH’ you’d be right. It is. But chill out for a moment. I love taking photos, particularly of people, and before I go any further I will have you know that . But enough about me, because that’s exactly what this is not. This is about us. The family of ih. Fraternitas. Brotherhood. Call it what you will. We are an all encompassing family of nearly 300, from ___ countries. We all have a story. We all have a voice. Yet I guarantee some of us are not heard as much as we deserve. So let’s shed light on those around us who we see too little, who we see too much and of course who see just the right amount of. I present to you, our first sibling of IH, Martin Sy.

Human's of IH


I couldn’t resist but ask him a question. Responses will get more detailed I’m sure as time goes on, but he showed a lot of depth considering he was our first experiment.

‘Why do you love music?’

Martin – ‘Because’

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