Holi – A Colourful Recap

What a day. The festival of colours truly lived up to its name as dozens of IHers doused each other in colours in celebration of the coming of spring.
The colours, the music, the atmosphere, the food; all was amazing! It started with the air being stained with colours and joy. Everyone was in a great mood and had a heap of fun. Faces were splattered with red, green, blue and pink. If people weren’t out getting fists full of powder they were enjoying the show, getting some amazing henna tattoos or waiting for some free food.
The homemade food and drink was incredible with many overindulging on some classic Indian delights.
Keep your eyes out for several different henna designs dying IHer’s skin over the next week, a reminder of the fantastic day!
The celebrations continued into the evening with the hyper-competitive (and very serious) trivia night. Congratulations to table 1 who overcame the tie-breaker question to secure eternal glory and a 2nd dessert. Lastly I must truly congratulate my peers in the Cultural Committee. They truly strove to organise an unforgettable day, and delivered in every aspect. If you missed out don’t worry, the committee has much more to deliver,with the next cultural celebration Songkran.

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