CIA Week 2014

Wasn’t “The Job that You’ll Never Have” simply mind blowing? This BTS Party which you will never forget officially marks the beginning of IH CIA Week (which stands for Cross Intercultural Activities). Scientists, spies, firefighters, dancers, police, astronaut, cowboys, cowgirls…you name it!! The aim for CIA Week is to strengthen the bond between the freshers and the seniors by bringing intercultural exchange to a more integrated level.

Monday night was Karaoke Night. The seniors put up crazy performances which encouraged the freshers to also go up to the stage to have fun. Global Dinner was held on Tuesday evening. The whole dining hall was divided into 3 sections- 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries. From the high table onwards, IH-ers managed to experience the difference in inequality between countries and within the countries through the food being served and also the interactive activities throughout the whole dinner. Many IH-ers were keen for Wednesday night’s Scenic Tour of Fitzroy’s Local Establishment. Throughout the night, there were interactions between the IHers both seniors and freshers, to catch up and to get to know more about one another. IH Winter Dinner 2014 was held on Thursday during the CIA Week. This formal dinner was the first high table dinner for Semester 2 2014. The freshers seem excited about the settings of the dining hall, academic gowns, and the way the whole IH rejoice this celebration with food, speeches and the freshers’ dance. “Row row row your boat, gently down the stream…” Of course, the river cruise was a very luxurious one. Themed “The Seven Deadly Sins”, everyone who attended were very well dressed up. Some even had amazing props with them. The free flow of beverages had just made the night splendid!

One very cool reason to be part of IH, is being able to participate in such grand event. 

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