Bikes for Adoption


Hidden behind the gates of New Building is a collection of abandoned bikes. Twisted between weeds and vines these bikes sit slowly oxidising in the sun and the rain. As each new group of IH-ers abandon the nest the collection of grows as their brand new bikes are left behind. But do not despair! For these bikes are up for adoption!

Some may call them scrap metal. Some may call them rusty death tricycles – but these bikes are just searching for a little love, a tire change and some new oil. With very little effort you can save yourself A LOT of money. These bikes are FREE and thus cheaper then buying a bike. These bikes just want your love and affection. And you can have them FOR FREE!

            (Did I mention that they were free?)

Melbourne is a city made for bicycling – and these bikes are made for Melbourne IH-ers. So contact the front desk some time this week.

(NOTE: some of these bikes are in better and worse condition. Unless you are REALLY good at fixing bikes, try and get there early to get the better bikes)

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