Ball, Café and Play Coordinators

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Ball Coordinator


Ball coordinator is up there with the best things I’ve been able to do at IH. In the role you make all the big decision and have the vision of how the awesome night will go. There are a whole lot of responsibilities involved in coordinating an event for 250! Starting with venue, picking committee, themes, promoting, budgeting, selling tickets, handling cash and everything in between. You get quite a bit of money to play with and allows you to make the night as great as it can be To fill the role you don’t need extensive experience but there are some skills that are beneficial in the role. Especially time management!! Being creative is also a big plus as well as being able to make decisions and stick by them.

Ball coordinator allowed me to develop many skills like delegation, time management, responsibility, professionalism and communication. I can’t recommend enough going for Ball Coordinator! If you’re thinking about going for it then do! Feel free to ask me any questions about it

Café Coordinator


Café is the biggest fundraiser of the year, and if you have interest in learning about leadership, creative direction, fundraising, event planning, or performance management, then this is the job for you!

If you’re thinking about doing Café but you’re not sure if you have the required skills, all you have to do is acquire yourself a fantastic second in command (a la Maya!) and surround yourself with a great team. Nobody can ever do everything. This is the biggest fundraiser on the IH calendar, and also the students’ biggest opportunity to interact with the community – so while it may seem like a big responsibility, it also means that you can draw from the entire student body for help/ideas. At the end of the day, it’s not about you, it’s about our community – so start talking to people, shoot some ideas around, and get fancy!


The Café Coordinator role is an incredibly big one. Generally, two people take on the role together. Essentially, the coordinators are in charge of ensuring that Café International (IH’s biggest fund-raising event of the year) runs smoothly. Your task includes everything from picking the theme to holding quality control sessions for the performances. I won’t lie, it’s an incredibly stressful job, but at the end of the day, you get to watch the smiles on people’s (incredibly drunk) faces as they watch the show and enjoy the food. If you need more information, come talk to me (Maya) or shoot Zoe Moorman a message.


Play Coordinator


Like drama? Like bossing people around? Enjoy spending a solid week of your life in the Guild Theatre?

Play Coordinator is an awesome and really fulfilling job! My favourite part of the role was definitely getting to spend time with heaps of different IHers and seeing a wonderful production come to life. As Coordinator, you are the person that ensures play actually happens. The role of Coordinator is really up to you to define: you can take on the role of director or producer under the title, so you have more control over the artistic or practical sides. The bare minimum is choosing a play to perform and a team, the rest is up to you! Don’t hesitate to apply as it is a great way to become more involved in the arts, and come talk to myself, Sanjana (Director) or Miguel (Producer) for more information! 

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