Split: A Film Review

Do you know there are some movies that just come out the blue without any hype or any movies made before and then just surprise us in the cinema by uniquely setting up a new sort of plot?


This is that kind of movie. It talks about a person (McAvoy) who has this rare disease that can change personality and strength to a completely different person while still in the same body, thus the name, split because this person can become a series of persons throughout the movie. He then kidnapped three girls and took them to his hideout where the girls experience shocking discoveries about a complex human like they’ve never seen before.

James McAvoy is a friggin beast. Yep, both figuratively and literally (which you will see why if you watch it) because it takes a lot of effort, practice and determination to do what he did in this surprisingly good movie. As a start, he finally could make himself bald after years acting as Professor Xavier with X-men all this years, I swear I thought I would see him finally bald in the latest installation of that sequel. Also, his acting ability to change as a kid and a lady in quick succession was admirable as experienced actors will see it as something that needed hours of training and balls to do it.


I should also come to discuss about another star of the show, Anya Taylor-Joy. (sorry if I made you think there was only James in this movie since I’ve only been talking about him) In the movie, she was the one that’s been kidnapped by James but in reality, she was the probably the kidnapper who took my heart away. Jk lol but seriously tho she was really powerful in the movie and her acting abilities are probably parallel if not even better than some big-time Hollywood super actresses.


Also, the science fiction in the movie was interesting as it explores a biological phenomenon, which although impossible in reality but it was actually a sweet touch to shape the plot of the movie.


In conclusion, the movie was a very risky, yet successful experiment that needed a really talented cast. The movie will make you glued to your seat and will amuse and shock you all at once. Overall, a must watch movie!!


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