The clouds blanketed the sky as the pensive eyes of cultural committee members scanned for any glimpses of the sun. The morning proved to be a worrying start as the cultural committee frantically filled up the pool, found water guns and set about with the time consuming task of blowing up water balloons. Why? For Songkran.

Songkran is Thailand’s annual 3-day New Year celebration. The traditional water pouring during the festival is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and the bad. On the 18th of April, in commemoration of the festival, the cultural committee dedicated their time to bringing the water fight to International House.

As the sun finally showed itself, the Thai festival of water was underway. Water bombs went flying through the air to burst against those unlucky enough to be hit. Water was splashed in faces by those few lucky enough to have gotten water guns. But soon the real fight began. As water balloons grew scarce and guns ineffective, the pool became the newest weapon. Students were carried and dumped into the cold water, leaving little hope of being dry and warm. Buckets were found and soon everyone was soaked. Everyone was a target and no one was safe from the soaking. Everything was perfect. The weather was great, the people were amazing and the atmosphere was light and fun. Good luck beating that, next year’s cultural committee!


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