Ah, validation.

A sweet relief and confidence boost found dangling before us in passing compliments or thrust upon us in times of deep confession. But why do most revolve around our physical appearance? Doesn’t the excessive reliance on comments on our (sometimes materialistic) physical features get old? When you stop to think about it, doesn’t it make you wonder why it seems like more weight is placed upon what’s on the outside rather than what makes you you, on the inside?


Call me a romantic, old-school sap, but I think it’s time we brought back (or introduce) some heartwarming truths to make someone’s day a little bit better. I’ve compiled a few from my scrolls through Tumblr and conversations with friends, in the hopes of perhaps giving you a few ideas on other means of making people feel good, and perhaps in the long run, such compliments will become the norm and not something a cheesy goon like me drabbles about in a weekly college magazine.


  1. You are    e m p o w e r i n g
  2. I would trust you with my phone password
  3. I’m so happy you exist
  4. I hope we know each other for a long, long time
  5. You inspire me to be a better person
  6. Your ideas matter
  7. You have great taste in _______
  8. I am fascinated by how your mind works
  9. You have a lovely laugh
  10. Can you teach me how to do that?
  11. You make the room a little bit brighter when you walk in
  12. You have a gorgeous soul
  13. You’re the kind of person one reads about in books
  14. You are so strong
  15. Can I hug you?
  16. You make me feel important
  17. I love how passionate you are about ________
  18. I admire your confidence
  19. You’re intelligent
  20. Your positivity is infectious

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