Before all the linguistics experts in the room call me out and making up my own latin word, i’m gonna defend myself by saying that, as I have found out, there is no word for Latin for ‘Sisterhood’, or even ‘Sorority’. But there’s no denying that just as IH loves to shake that Fraternit-ass, a little Sororit-ass has never hurt anyone either.


I’ve always been a fan of the ‘sisterhood’, and having been blessed from a young age with some amazing female role models (special mention to my true hero, Nicki Minaj), as well as spending eight years of my life in an all girls choir (for the record, choir camps were LIT y’all), I’ve always felt the importance of having that relationship with other girls, regardless of where you were all at in life. There’s just something awesome about how many things we can have in common together or be comfortable talking about, solely based on our common girl bond.


It is an understatement to say that the girls we are blessed with at IH are amazing. They are nothing short of incredible and are hands down the most driven people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Not only does their talent and hard work shine through with passion, their competitive spirit intimidate and wow crowds, and their ambition amaze everyone – they are also the most kind hearted people you could have the pleasure of knowing. Alongside the daily compliments received amongst them, the shit talking and banter, and the occasional prime time impromptu musical performance, happiness radiates from all of the girls at IH. When you stop and think about those that you appreciate around this college, many a girl will pop into your mind, and that, is a wonderful thing.


Because the fact is, around the world, we still have need for equality. There are still many problems and many disadvantages that we are put at. So with everything that we face in the world, from bigger political inequalities and injustices, to even feeling that you are being treated differently at university or in other workplaces, it is amazing to have a home like IH, where you know you can always come back to an incredibly positive and loving group of individuals. I have the great joy of getting to teach 5 – 7 year old girls singing each week at the Australian Girls Choir, and I can honestly say, that even from that age, it is amazing to see just what girls can do. And when I do teach those girls, it makes me so happy to know that they will all also grow up to be just as fierce, unpredictable, and awesome as the girls that I have had the pleasure of knowing at college; the girls that I know will always stick together, through thick and thin.


So here’s to the gals of IH – to the girls that can recite every line from Flight Of The Concords; the girls that will never hesitate to give you an important lecture on Feminism, and why we still need it; the girls that have incredible artistic talent, and create a masterpiece out of nothing; the girls that love gymming and running, and will never go a day without it; the girls that talk with passion about their degree and their dreams; the girls that can effortlessly smash all the boys in futsal and given day; the girls that will fight for their opinions to be heard; to the two kick ass girls in particular that create an incredible college newspaper for everyone to enjoy every single week; and the girls that will always, no matter what, stop and smile when they see you, and ask how your day has been. To all of you, you are what makes IH home, and an awesome one at that. So shake that sororit-ass proud. And keep doing you, cause you’re all doing damn good.








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