Maitreya is a festival of culture and art

So to go to this I thought it would be smart

I can honestly say it was a weekend craze

With nothing there that could not amaze

I entered into a whole new haze

That would stay with me for a couple of days.

There were so many colours all so bright

Seeing them made my mind take flight like a kite

Something that would give me new outlook new sight

And put in my heart a new kind of delight 

And as Individuals of all ages 

Began to make their way over to the stages

The beats around us pulled everyone in 

And on everyone’s face was worn a grin

Friendships around me were being made

And the outside world and technology did fade

A cleansing experience for everyone

As we danced and did workshops outside in the sun

I did a hoola hoop workshop Saturday in the afternoon 

Something that was definitely over too soon

When the sun went down and the stars came out 

People continued to be up and about

The lights were cool flashing around 

While we all danced to some incredible sound

All in all it was ten out of ten 

to another I would definitely recommend

So when this festival comes around next year

 I expect to see you hit it up if your from here

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