Logan – A Film Review

Directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman, Logan tells the story of the ageing wolverine who is caught up on a conflict between the government and a fugitive girl who has similar powers (and temper) to the Wolverine. This third and final installation of the Wolverine sequel embarks on a journey that explores not only Wolverine’s physical attributes but also his emotional perks, which is one of the reasons this movie is critically acclaimed thus far. His feelings towards the girl continually develops throughout the movie and his determination to keep this girl save becomes his number one priority.

Perhaps one of the reason this movie appeals to myself and probably to most IHers is that this superhero-themed movie turned out to be something more than just stabbing and crushing skulls. The emotional aspect of the Wolverine is clearly seen as the movie develops, which was missing from the two previous movies as they have only focused on the action. The movie wasn’t only aimed to entertain people but rather it was giving a message to comic freaks and other hardcore X-men fans that an end of an era was coming, which the movie has successfully delivered.

This movie, however is not for the light-hearted as the gore and explicit scenes of stabbing is seen throughout the movie, with some stunts that really tickles the stomach. So, don’t expect Logan to be those underage-friendly movies as it might even get through your head hours after watching it (saying this based on experience).

Although Logan is intended to be serious and action-packed, the simple and understandable humor in the movie is pleasantly included throughout. The soft touch of banter was an important factor to keep people’s phone on airplane mode, or at least most people, I mean please, who doesn’t check their phone when they have a FB mention that turns out to be some hilarious meme.

Overall, Logan is the best Wolverine movie thus far, and arguably the best X-men related movie too. The combination of brilliant acting by Hugh Jackman (who seems to age just like fine wine), the thick emotions that are present, and the chemistry between all characters make the movie worth watching, even if it went well over 2 hours.

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