ICAC Talent Show

Nine Colleges full of crazy college kids must have a fair few individualistic talents right? Right. Last Sunday they were on display at University College for one night only. The night was full of it’s fair share of juggling style acts with a guy from Hildas giving us lessons on how to juggle pins and rings, a UC girl filling the room with “whoaaaaa”s and a Newman kid having some fun twirling around neon lights. The crescent’s comedic talents were on display as well, with a girl doing an impersonation of YouTube artist ‘Miranda Sings’, a guy scaring us all off watermelons and a girl from UC entertaining us with her life. There was also a brilliant Ukranian folk song and our very own Panda marimba players (I’m not going to say anymore other then they’re rumoured to be playing at community dinner this Wednesday!). I want to spend the next half of the article dissecting the marvellous, magnificent and mad Medley Hall performance. I learnt that socks and sandals are a way of life and that Hannah Montana is idolised. This was learnt, however, in an utterly inspired and terrifying performance by three young men. It takes courage to do what they did, letting go of their inhibitions, screaming and fitting on stage. I’m really not sure how to describe their performance other then it being an experience to watch. I’m sure their performance was too abstract and crazy for some, nearly for me, but I say hats off to them. Ask around for people who went to the talent show for a full description, but I’ll just say I never look at tomato sauce the same way, and I’m looking forward to Medley’s production next semester!

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