The Camberwell Market.

Camberwell Market STUFF

Camberwell? Outside the city? Off the IH grounds? What even is a train? Alrighty then, people, I have one word for you…




Travel to where the trees thrive among the quirky suburb homes, where business suits are not the only thing to wear, and where the smell of freshly baked jam doughnuts entices you into the wonderland of a market. Stalls continue on forever, vintage clothes, rusty toy cars, fresh flowers, old wonderfully smelling books, indie leather watches, suitcase speakers and all the knick-knacks you could ever dream of. The music changes as you wander along: classic and ‘interesting’ buskers, old radios with new tunes, and the bargaining between market wanderers and excited stall holders. Explore every suitcase filled with a never ending supply of anticipation: what could be found next? So, leave your study, leave your TV catch up sessions, leave the city and explore the Camberwell market on any Sunday (7am till 12.30pm).

Have marvellous adventures 🙂

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