(Note: There’s no spoilers bc I want people to watch & enjoy things in their own time)


A mini series review in the film review section? Wait what?! Okay okay just bare with me, I’ve been on a binge watching series rampage and Stranger Things deserves some serious attention.


So one day I opened my computer for some quality procrastination and saw that there was a new Netflix Original series, semi curious I clicked to read the little bio. I decided to watch something else (five seasons of skins) when I saw the word horror in the genre list.


Okay so I should probably be able to stand most things on screen if I study it right? Wrong. I can deal with a certain amount of gore, I can’t do scary, I can’t do paranormal stuff, and I can’t deal with the whole idea of little kids being freaky. I thought Stranger Things would be one of those shows that would stay in my little section of things I probably will never watch. I was wrong.


After a friend from my course told me for the tenth time that I should watch it, I caved.


The first thing I thought when watching it was “yeah nah maybe I shouldn’t”. I noticed this was the wimp inside me talking so I persisted.


The show itself is much like many other sci-fi features. There’s a town that’s thrown out of whack and things go from bad to worse, normal to weird and weirder. As soon as I saw kids I thought of Super 8 and E.T. I loved Super 8 and some part of me appreciated E.T so I kept watching.


The Duffer Brothers bring us into the 80’s with some crafty film work. The cinematography is incredibly pleasing to the eye and the sets and costumes are subtle masterpieces in themselves. The ensemble of characters are all likeable, the ‘bad guys’ are intriguing. The dialogue is witty (especially from the kids) plus the pop culture references that are used are economical but effective. And the music? My god the last time I was this attached to a series’ start song was when I got into Cowboy Bebop (watch it if you like anime, or even if you don’t). The synths create a spacey 80’s vibe that makes the show so much more addictive. Mood setter/ 10.


As far as character and story arcs go, Stranger things is pretty great on the whole. The initial concept is followed through the whole series which is great in itself and despite the occasional lack of logic that is common amongst horror features, it has few faults. The plot holes that occur can easily be saved in the next season which I am eagerly anticipating.


And so, what could very easily been a flop became a favourite. Take it from me, you’ll want to watch it.


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