Fabulous: A Musical Extravaganza

The 80’s reincarnated, momentarily:

Hard Work, but we made it

It was magical-

We couldn’t keep it down

When José showed us what he got.

Tyrone spat it like the best

No four letter words-

He IS the laser.

Our very own Carmen Diaz

Dazzled the stage-

It was a performance I’m sure we’ll all

Remember remember remember…

We didn’t need no violins

to sing our love songs – indeed

in Bring on Tomorrow, where

Carmen and Shlomo kiss on the


perhaps they could use a handshake next time?

Teacher’s argument:

Artists are special, artists are people

Who are the teachers but artists themselves?

Then there’s the Prez, wheelin’ and dealin’

“Do these glasses make me look like a drug dealer?”

Mabel really saved us with her prayer:

Who knew that Jesus was a drummer?

We all danced on the sidewalk

We all looked up to Meryl Streep

And sang songs about our cruisers children.

We all got a little lost in L.A,

But our dreams really did come true

With the music, the lights –

We lit up the stage like a flame

And Oh, take me now Jesus!

There was a band back there?


We strutted and fretted our hour upon the stage

-and sadly we are heard no more

The family, the friends

The inside jokes and lessons learned

Are over, but there is still something left to keep:

I feel it coming together

Baby, remember me…

Applause, the curtain closes and

Life returns to normal.

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