National Science Week

For everyone studying anything to do with technology, computing, Biology, Pharmacy, engineering or Psychology, this week is indeed your week to shine! For those who have not yet guessed what the above areas have in common, they are all Sciences, which leads to the conclusion that this week must indeed be National Science Week!

National Science Week this year is from the 15th to the 23rd of August and is Australia’s way of celebrating not only our achievements in science in technology, but the exciting future that we are being brought closer and closer to every year. Designed not only for those studying Science, but for any Science enthusiasts (even those who deny they are interested in Science yet still read every IFL Science article on Facebook), this week tries to encourage young people to take an interest in Science and pursue careers in the area.

Especially in the year 2015, Science and technology are becoming important parts of our everyday lives. Everywhere you look people are texting on their phones, listening to their iPods or gaming on their computers. When you are sick you go to the Pharmacist to get cold and flu tablets and to get there you travel on Melbourne made trams. Science has lead to the creation of the Cochlear Implant, allowed geneticists to sequence the human genome and understand the movements of the planets in our solar systems. Science is crucial to our lives and our continually developing society. And yet the Australian Government continues to cut funding to science and research agencies, such as CSIRO and the Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) and in its most recent budget, has cut $262.5 million to research grants for universities. This begs the question the value our Government is placing on Science and Technology.
Keep an eye out for the many activities the University of Melbourne are hosting for Science week. And remember, Science is our future!

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