What Makes You An Onion?


There are layers to each of us, and I’m not talking about muscle layers. I’m talking about the layers that make up our personality. There are things we don’t show to everyone else whether it is for fear of judgment or maybe just the fear of deviating from the norm. We, as humans, have this innate ability to categorize people, which does come in helpful for processing information but not so much for social purposes.

Shrek in all his wisdom declared that ogres are like onions, and I’m inclined to not only agree but to extend this statement to humans. We are all complex individuals with a variety of likes and dislikes and no single all encompassing personality trait. It’s time we stop assuming, and appreciate the layers in each of us. Let’s not determine the capabilities or passions of a person solely in regards to their choice of course, what sport they play, the kind of music they listen to, or even what personality they seem to give off. If a person is not talkative on the outside, maybe try and figure out what it is they like to talk about, maybe they like Shrek.

Look for the layers inside people, and take the time to look at yourself. Find out what makes you an onion.


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