UMSU Elections

Waiting outside the library, hidden in the shadows, stalking their prey – Student Politicians are BACK! Yes, the notorious UMSU elections are back and with them comes the cacophony of slogans, promises and sweet talk. These Politics students race to stuff as many pamphlets into your hands before you rush into the safe zone. Today, Globe is here to lead you through Student Politics and all its indecipherable political-mumbo-jumbo. Stripped down to dot-pointy clearness these are all the parties running in this year’s election.


  • Political alliances: Associated with Grassroots-left students. A student-run faction of the Australian Greens party. Has formed a preference deal with Stand Up! and More Activities

  • Policy Grounds: Greater welfare Student Council transparency
    • Queer department nominee: Gender neutral recognition (in Uni official documents and toilets)
    • Environments nominee: stronger uni commitments for environmental protection (Environments nominee) e.g. Fossil Fuel Melbourne Uni,
    • Disability Officer nominees: compulsory content warnings for class/arts with potential triggering material, inclusion of Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) in the diploma of languages


  • Policy alliances: Mainly comprising of members of the Melbourne University Liberal Club
Policy Grounds: Increased funding for clubs, Reliable lecture recordings, Better union to student communication ESL support for refugees and recent migrants Lobby to extend the free tram zone, Greater integration of colleges in uni life, Student workplace training


Independent Media

  • Political alliance: non-partisan ticket 

  • Policy Grounds: Balance and diversity in Student run media, Development of multimedia services Stronger association with VCA, including video creators, musicians and artists
  • History: has dominated the media department (Farrago editor position) for ten years

Left Focus

  • Political Association: Socialist Alternative
  • Policy grounds: Refugee rights, Anti-deregulation: against the “corporatised university” (Kadkol), Better representation for Indigenous, Arab and Muslim students Greater student mobilisation against liberal education policies Increased federal funding for universities and changes to Youth Allowance and New start services Increased focus on welfare


  • Political Association: Associated with the Melbourne University Liberal Club

More Activities

  • Political Alliances: An Independent faction. Has in the past created a coalition with Labor Right – however this year they are aligned with Stand Up! The Labor Left faction as well as Activate
  • Policy grounds: Clear messaging, single goal. More Activities. Greater oversight of new club affiliation, approving grants, and new safety regulation Greater engagement of off-Parkville clubs Online processing for Clubs Greater exposure for clubs Greater clubs and society funding
  • Catch phrase: #Activityism History: Has dominated the UMSU Clubs & Societies position for years


More Beer

  • Political alliances: non-partisan but backed by the all-powerful More Beer Club
  • Policy grounds: Exactly what their title suggests.
  • Catch-phrase: “Vote Nic Finger for President and give UMSU the Finger”

  • Political alliances: unknown Contesting Independent Media for the Media department position



Smokers’ Rights

  • Policy Grounds: getting rid of the no-smoking ban on campus OR expanding the smoking area


Stand up!

  • Political alliances: Usually associated with the Left faction of the Labor club. For this election they have formed a coalition with More Activities and Activate
  • Policy grounds: Opposing fee deregulation Improving welfare and education Monitoring of the planned Student Precinct to make sure it reflects student needs. Enforcing a greater student representation in planning Inclusive Student Union via expanded U-week & more student-led volunteering Greater tutor training Recognition of minors in degrees Upgrading IT systems Getting rid of study plan restrictions Aiding students hit by Centrelink changes, affordable housing challenges and health issues. Creating a centralised welfare handbook and policy
  • History: While in power they introduced compulsory lecture recordings, increased UMSU funding (resulting in greater clubs and society funding, as well as a strong Welfare and education support), the free breakfast program
  • Catch-phrase: “Stand Up! Active. Inclusive. Progressive.”



  • Political Alliances: Believed to be a Labor Right ticket who last year ran under the title of Unity


Other Parties

  • The Biggest Blackest Ticket
  • F*ck Tony Abbott
  • Students Against Abbott
  • Students for Palestine

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