Evie’s Brunch Bucket List: Wide Open Road

Have you tried greens and want to try somewhere new but ceebs going far away? You can get to Wide Open Road on the Barkly Square tram stop too! It’s that big building with a “John Palemero” sign above it to the right of Barkly square in the open area.

Does that sounds confusing?

Just jog, bike, walk up to Barkly square, back track to the Aunt Maggie’s shop corner and walk down there for 50m. Too easy!

Gold digging

With no meal over $20 this is where to hit it up for a cheap delicious feed. Unless you get the free ranged eggs on sourdough and add alllllll the sides they offer. That’ll cost you $46 and a food coma.

How many F bombs would Gordon Ramsey give it?

Wide Open Road has plenty of options if you’re a bit sick of the old eggs and bacon on toast. There’s fig, apple and walnut bread, rice pudding, chia bowls, waffle cakes, avocado, herbs and chilli salad, seer potatoes or ricotta and quinoa fritter. Of course, there is still bacon and eggs, with a gruyere cheese potato cake and beetroot relish! Gordon Ramsey is probably swearing at how healthy this place is, but he just hasn’t joined the super foods fan club yet.

What’s your tipple?

The coffee is aaaaammmaaaazing here! Wide Open Road sources their blends from Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica and Brazil depending on the time. If you’re a true coffee connoisseur, have a try of the drip coffee or pour over filter. If you do, you will earn the title of a Melbournian coffee snob. And there is nothing wrong with that.

How would it rate on the block?

Wide Open Road has a fantastic, breezy vibe to it, while always being filled with coffee addicts travelling to the mecca. The outside tables for two make you feel the street watching vibes of Italy in our own Brunswick. Inside, there’s numerous sized tables and quaint corner areas.

How many people would rate it?

I once went in at 8:30am, when I came out again at 9:30, there was a queue to get inside. Plus, Pauline uses their blend for her daily coffee, can’t argue with Pauline.

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