Evie’s Brunch Bucket List: Top Paddock

This beautiful, beautiful cafe can be found just off the Yarra river, on Church st in Richmond. To work up an appetite, jump on your bike, ride through the city, past Federation square and along the Yarra until you hit the Church st Bridge. From here, it’s only a 200m walk up to, arguably, the best brunch place in Melbourne.

Gold digging

The food is so good at Top Paddock I’d be happy to pay an arm and a leg for brunch there. Fortunately, they just want to be paid in cash dollar. Prices range from $8 fruit toast and $13 bircher muskie to the $22 ‘Top Paddock’ of chorizo, pickled onion, peppers, basil, bacon, Adelaide green tomatoes, poached eggs and relish on toast. Worth it.

How many F bombs would Gordon Ramsey give it?

Gordon Ramsey would be speechless if he tried the Blueberry and ricotta hotcake. At least, I was. Order this mythical dish and you will be rewarded with a plate sized ricotta hotcake topped with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, cream and rose petals. Yes. It’s that beautiful it deserves rose petals. This dish melts in your mouth and will leave you suffering from PHD (Post hotcake depression)

What’s your tipple?

Ever fancied a ruby grapefruit fresh juice? Well you can try it out here, it’s pink to go with the rose petals in the hotcake. Coffee ain’t too bad here, being supplied by five senses.

How would it rate on the block?

Inside bench and booth seating or outside wooden tables covered in luscious shade. There’s going to be a table here. The design is so polished inside, so I preferred sitting outside in the shade of the trees hanging over head with the smells of the kitchen wafting past.

How many people would rate it?

Chet Faker rates it and calls it his local. Do you need any other recommendations?

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