Don’t You Dare Keep-a-Mug

I would like to thank ALL FIVE of you who have returned the mugs to the dining hall. As fantastic of an effort as this is, I remain rather dumbfounded as to the rationale of those hoarding a mug or two in their room.

Does perhaps the smell of week old Milo in the bottom of the cup create an aroma so sweet that you cannot fathom letting your newly found air freshener go? Or is it that you so enjoy washing the mug yourself, forming an intimate bond with your borrowed cup as you run your hands along it’s smooth sides? Is it a joke: to see how many more impassioned high-table rants I will make?

I’ve accepted that the flux of mugs brought back to the dining hall is a function of students’ (and I mean no disrespect here) laziness, care towards the environment and stinginess of not buy their own mug. These factors cannot be changed overnight, no matter how much I might beg and plead. Instead I only ask that you consider your contribution to the incredible landfill waste that is the over 1500 paper cups per WEEK we use as a college and perhaps assess whether the benefit from a little time or effort on your behalf might be worthwhile.

On a lighter and more positive note, the Environments Committee was very pleased to see that rather than keeping a mug, numerous students and tutors alike purchased subsidised KeepCups. We eagerly awaits the arrival of all our personalised KeepCups and will advise all who ordered one upon their arrival! It is our sincere hope that this initiative might see less paper cups being used – though unfortunately CaterCare won’t be washing these!

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