Why Getting Fit for a Second Time Sucks

Haikus to contain my frustration to 17 syllables

Was once able to run
Double the speed and distance
Light as a feather.

In competition
With nobody but myself:
The me from my past.

“Come running with us
If you can keep up, that is.”
Thought I didn’t hear?

Perhaps I’m lying –
Your comments, clothes that don’t fit,
Those things push me too.

Was once able to lift
My own body weight and more,
Now single digits.

Just one more rep? two?
My willpower now so low,
Beyond frustrated.

Was capable once
Laziness has taken toll
Breathless, tired, fat.

Though you can’t tell now
I was once fit, healthy, strong
Fighting to get back.

They warn: “can’t compare
Take things one day at a time”
Perhaps they are right.

Slowly but surely
I’ve heard it plenty before
Must have some truth, right?

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