Why we should step out of our comfort zones – Patricia Paing

Why do we humans fear so much? Why are we so protective of ourselves, so afraid to venture out and try new things? Why are we so terrified to fail? Why do we choose to live such monotonous lives and rest comfortably in the boring, dull comfy corner of our old and worn-out sofas?


When we were young, adults taught us to be brave and bold, to chase our dreams and live life on the edge. We were risk-takers and courage was a natural instinct to us. However, as the years piled up, we became more safe-guarded and protective. Having learnt about failure, we started pulling ourselves back from life’s uncertainties.


However, we must know that staying in a stagnant place will only bring us dissatisfaction to ourselves in the long run. A little push, a slight discomfort, and opening ourselves up might actually reap us a lot of benefits in the future.


We can start with something small, like trying a new cuisine you’ve never dared to try. Or saying hi to the person sitting beside you in a lecture. At IH, you could start a conversation with your floor-mates or sit with a completely new group of people during meals.


When you step out of your comfort zone, you will learn to appreciate the uncertainty and the unknown, be confident and enrich your life by gaining more experiences. You will not thrive in monotony. You don’t have the power to change the environment but you can change the way you view and engage with it.  It’s going to feel so great when you finally accomplish something you never thought you would!


So, make that first move, and live in the moment! Enjoy the ebbs and flows of life.

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