The Boat That Rocked

After taking two trams and walking we eventually arrived at the docks where the boat was waiting for us. Everyone stopped and half listened to the captain as he told us what to do if we were to drown. Upon boarding we were gifted two free drinks at the bar by our fabulous CIA Week leaders. The lower deck held the bar and a spot to relax. On the upper deck was the dance floor. It was great to walk around the sides of the boat and feel the cold air as you looked over at the twinkling lights of the city. Inside people danced so hard they rocked the boat. The night went on and alcohol flowed through mouths and into minds. Every half an hour pizza was given out, and very quickly snatched up hungrily.

I was looking out over the edge of the boat and noticed that we were drifting very closely to some very expensive looking yachts. The kind of yachts that you buy just to take the president of a small country on to show how much richer you are than them! I was just thinking of how much fun it would be to sneak onto one when I heard a CRUNCH! It was like that scene in the Titanic when they hit the iceberg. Except we were the iceberg. Someone was going to get a very big surprise in the morning!

And then, suddenly we pulled up at the pier and the cruise was over but the party continued way into the night.

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