Scheps: A Snapshot of History

I am absolutely sure that everyone living on floors 3, 4 and 5 of Scheps would agree it is time that the rooms get renovated. Green is not generally the best colour for a wall (or a door, or a window, or a wardrobe…). And yet for some like myself, I will be very sad to see my wardrobe painted. When I first moved into my lovely 5th floor Scheps view, it was not the breathtaking view of IH and the Donut that initially caught my eye; it was the graffiti in my wardrobe. Opening it up, I found that everyone who had stayed in my room since 1994 had tagged their name across the inside door. Not only that, each person had written where they had come from and what they were studying. And as I stood there, looking at the long list of names, I felt fortunate to also be living in 204 and be able to one day also leave my mark on the door. Yet now that the rooms are to be renovated, I fear that all this history will soon be lost. Years of IH graffiti will cease to exist as my wardrobe is painted. And it won’t just be my door. Anyone in floors 3, 4 and 5 face this same fate. Of course I do not detest the renovating of the rooms, I just ask that the unique graffiti of each Scheps room be considered. Even if photographs are taken, somehow this history must be preserved.

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