A Schep Too Far

Scheps flooding

I managed when they took our footpath.

I was miffed when they took our internet.

I was vexed when they took our water.

I was annoyed when they took out lift (I mean it stopped on 2nd floor – you could have walked)

But when the floor on 5th floor Scheps flooded… this went too far

Those of you who do not live in the circular tower will be blissfully unaware of the horrors that have befallen your Schepian friends. This past week has battered the residents of Scheps as wave after wave of catastrophes. From the IH wide internet blackouts,  to the gaping pit that has replaced our pathway.  We Schepians have seen our water and our lifts crumple into meaningless, empty appliances with no function. This we – as a building – have survived.
But when 5th floor Scheps flooded we realised something was terribly wrong…. We realised this was the end.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the Scheps Apocalypse is beginning. The signs are too obvious now. We are nearing the end.

            Impossible floods and droughts, cavernous pits appearing in the ground and human communication (internet) dissolving  – basically all we are missing are the locusts.

            You may think I sound insane. You may think I sound like that guy in the tin-foil hat and the  the ‘END IS NIGH’ poster.  But, if I do sound like this it is because THE END IS NIGH! Schepps is cursed, in  a old-testament bible- is-gonna-mess-you-up kind of way!

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