O Week and the beginnings of fresher life as told by Sheraya

Hi, my name is Sheraya De Silva, and I’m from Sri Lanka! I’m studying the Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Structure and Function at the University of Melbourne. I thought I would give a bit of insight into my O-week and IH experience so far!

As we parked in front of the entrance of International House, I felt a surge of pain and unhappiness as I was about to take one huge leap to something I felt completely unprepared for. But I guess the sadness got flushed away through the cordial and cheerful greetings of the O-Weekers, the leaders of the much successful Orientation Week.

It was time to say goodbye to Mum, and begin my journey into something which I was not ready to jump into.

And that’s when I met many other freshers. I began to understand and appreciate their backgrounds and traditions, and how they’ve been able to live their lives so far. Trust me, everything I have been able to understand from the many other freshers, who I would now call my friends, has been remarkable.

We had many freshers coming this year from 40 countries.

Following the great and comforting ambiance provided by the O-Weekers and the higher administration at IH, we got introduced to our teams. I was in Cosie’s team Cosmonaut, the cool team!

The theme for this year was “Intergalacto Week”! Star Wars, Meet the Robinsons, Astronauts etc.

We were engaged in a wide range of activities from a scavenger hunt and outdoor challenges to karaoke night, to a moonlight cinema and chanting with the greatest pride the IH IS HOT TO GO song all around the vivid city of Melbourne! I think my dancing skills have also improved through the Fresher Dance!!!

The more activities we did as the time passed, the stronger our bonds became!

Oh, I forgot to mention! I bruised my knee after the scavenger hunt (on the first day itself), so I really couldn’t run much! Nevertheless, I did as much as I could (because O-week happens only once in your life), made so many friends and locked some of the best memories that I would cherish for a lifetime (not on my phone or computer, but in my heart).

It’s only been a week, but we’re now one big family. We may be different in culture, country, traditions and interests. And through sharing these ideas, it has brought us together in different situations, making our community a dynamic one indeed. But we all have one thing in common; we belong to International House now. We are one unit; we’ll always look out for each other in the ups and downs of this oddly, challenging University life. I believe that to be a true IHer is to truly value the meaning of Fraternitas-brotherhood.

It is a miracle that I got to know so many other freshers coming from different countries within the short time span of just one week. I am proud and blessed to be here at International House.

Thank you for an unforgettable and truly memorable O-week!


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