What is NAAUC

You don’t know?.. well… this is a bit NAAUCward… *flails closed fist* SHAME!

NAAUC stands for the National Association of Australian University Colleges.

But what does NAAUC STAND FOR!?

NAAUC stands for greatness, NAAUC stands for unity. NAAUC stands for experiences of a lifetime. 

The sheer plethora of experiences that NAAUC has to offer boggles the mind.

You’ll be meeting people you never expected to meet, CEOs and Entrepreneurs, those that break the mold, or people who have struggled through adversity and challenges beyond compare, or just regular people who’ve willing to give generously to society. Examples of these include Jack Manning Bancroft, who since the age of 22 is the CEO and founder of AIME, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience; Sophie Li, professional dancer and daughter of renowned ballet dancer even though she was born profoundly deaf; and Andy Gourley dubbed affectionately King Frog, founder of the Red Frogs, a national group of people whom you may have met providing free food and water at our IH parties.

There are many academic activities run throughout the day, exploring numerous topics ranging from specific characteristics required for particular roles, social reps, presidents and even RAs. This is great for those particularly looking at entering leadership positions in the future. Topics such as cultural integration, time management, conflict resolution, O-Week, IT and Social Media damage control to ‘elephant in the room’ issues of mental health of leaders are explored in numerous tutorials and seminars provided by the experienced NAAUC team.

But don’t get me wrong! As much as there are serious and often technical issues that colleges face, there is no doubt that the current leaders of colleges all around the country, KNOW HOW TO PARTY with social activities throughout the week including social events such as the NAAUCing Dead, Parliamentary Debating, Wine and Cheese, THE INFAMOUS MERCH SWAP, and the illustrious NAAUC BALL.

It is also a great way to see the other colleges of Australia, including our sister college, International House Brisbane, and while you’re there, might as well get your hand on some of their MERCH at the infamous merch swap! One of the things you can’t miss out on is IH Brisbane’s black and gold snapback! But don’t worry, if you’re rocking one of our beautiful scarves they’ll be sure to trade.

Let me tell you, this is a great opportunity for those keen to see what they’re capable of, what type of person they are, and those who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what has been done before. Movers and shakers.

Once a year, this gathering of the future leaders of colleges all around Australia brings together ideas and sharing of a whole new level.

It is a week, that I personally will never forget. 


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