Cultural Committee

What makes IH such an incredible college is the fact that we celebrate and embrace all the many various cultures represented here at IH.

The IH Cultural Committee organises all IH cultural based events and activities from throwing our own festivals here, like Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese moon festival), Diwali (Hindu festival with lights – heaps of food & beautifully lit lanterns), and the AFL grand final (full of awesome Aussie spirit for the beautiful game of Aussie football), to activities and festivals happening around Melbourne like restaurant nights ($5 reimbursements for 10 people’s meals – sign up fast!!) throughout the city, cultural & food festivals, sporting events, music and more!!

If getting involved in some of our best and fun-filled IH activities sounds like something you’d be keen on, then apply now!

Both seniors and freshers will be part of the team making it a great way to meet a whole new bunch of people!

Apply now for Cultural Committee!! It’s going to be one of the best and coolest committees you’ll ever join at IH.

Write 150-200 words about why you want to be a part of the committee and why you’d be a good member, outlining your strengths & skills! Applications close this Friday the 14th of August at midnight. Please send your applications by messaging me over Facebook, email me at [email protected] or hand it in hard copy at Av08 Avenue (3rd floor, Room 8)!  

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