CIA Week

Rob Soh

CIA week was one of my favourite weeks last year! Being a CIA weeker, you get to choose which event you’d like to help organise – whether that be the Back to School party, River Cruise, Assassins or one of many more. Plus you get to make and paint on awesome T-shirts that you can keep! The planning and organising side of it is extremely useful if you plan to run for a Student Club position or even just work in teams in the future (it definitely helped me for O-week and being secretary!). Show everyone what you’ve got and don’t hesitate to apply!

Amelia Kate

Do you want to… be part of someone’s first few experiences at college? Develop the best of the best adventures around Melbourne? Meet all the new freshers? Plan and create the most intense Assassins game in the history of IH? Teach the newbies the fresher dance? Or have some fun with an awesome team of IHers? I recommend CIA week. Best week of college. (Apart from O-week of course 🙂 )

On Zhi Xiang

CIA weekers gets to organize all sorts of events, and it is the “ice-breaker” week where both fresher and senior get to know each other. There are all kinds of activities that you can be in charge of; some can be quite challenging and rewarding, and others are more chillaxed and fun! Everyone should apply!  

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