Evangeline Dowling “fuckthatjunglejuice# ”

Nick Thomson “It tasted like juice, but it kicked like a bull”

Jack McClure “I’d have my wedding in the gym”

Shorye Chopra “Why would you want abs when you can have kebABS?

Eesha Sawhney: “If I was Nike and you were McDonald’s, baby, I would be just doing it and you would be just loving it.”


Do you want the power to immortalise our Deputy Head Peter Cole in funny and somewhat compromising positions!? Now that I have your attention. Do you want immortalise the year that is 2015 at IH? Do you want the thrill of being all knowledgeable and powerful? Then being Satadal Coordinator might be for you! You get to be in charge of everything that will result in the awesome year book that everyone gets at the end of the year (you also get one of the highest number of room points, just saying). You?ll get to met IHers from all walks of life including the scary tutors and administrators. So if you’re interested in making sure all IHers get a wonderful book of memories to take home at the end of the year Want more information, come talk to me or send me a message on Facebook and be sure to check out the old copies in the library (where you can also find me). 2014 Satadal Coordinator Monica Bradford

FunFact: Satadal is a Sanskrit word used to suggest unity in diversity, and harmony in multiformity, as symbolized by the lotus, the flower of a hundred petals.  (Satadal, 2009)

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