Last Friday night some intrepid International House students journeyed over to Queen’s College to join the Quadstock festivities. Now in its second year, this chilled event showcased some of the most talented musicians Queen’s and the crescent has to offer, as well as some amazing visual art by Queen’s students. The event was held in the outdoor quad area, so we could lie back on the grass under the stars and enjoy the sweet music. Audience members could also head over to the food and drink stalls, and grab a beer and a sausage. This, along with the funky face paint, allowed for some top-notch inter-college mingling.

A variety of acts performed, including a highly skilled saxophonist, a soulful brother-sister duo, and an eclectic band which featured our very own fresher rep (and king) Connor Forsyth on the bass. The diverse set list went from smooth jazz to rock and down memory lane with some tunes from those glory days – the early 2000s. To get the full Quadstock experience, Emily Shaw and I trekked up the Queen’s tower to view the visual art display. In this antique space, we viewed intricate drawings and designs, fashion pieces and amazing typography. There was also a blank canvas for visitors to get creative on, and we made sure to put the IH stamp on that particular piece.

However the highlight of the night for me was the performance by Ruben and the Diamond Tits. This fabulously attired band fired up the audience with tunes such as ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ – which we were all doing! The audience showed their enthusiasm by singing along, dancing wildly and throwing the odd bra onto the stage. That marked the end of the night for the IHers, although by all accounts the party continued long into the night. Overall, Quadstock was a thoroughly enjoyable event where people from all across the crescent could enjoy great art, good friends and sweet vibes.

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