Some things I learnt in 2016


  • Studying film is fantastic but you end up analysing everything.
  • Living at college is a great way to make friends and pick up alcoholism.
  • Victoria and New South Wales are very, very different places.
  • It’s all a conspiracy, or maybe it’s all relative.
  • Poetry is a great way to express yourself but telling people you write poetry is another way to let them know you’re going a little loopy.
  • People are great, but people are also shit.
  • The line between a good time and a messy time is often very fine.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to see things more than they really are.
  • Most people don’t combine peanut butter and honey????
  • Liking anime and being white is accepted, if not encouraged (contrary to a small town area).
  • Tacos are always a good idea.
  • Goon is gross but the price of decent alcohol is worse.
  • Public transport is not my friend.
  • Fixing iPhone screens is not a good time.
  • Sleep is for the weak (or week depending on the person).
  • Hard work does eventually pay off.
  • Handing in an assignment six weeks late doesn’t always have a bad outcome.
  • Some people genuinely think my last name is Nugget.
  • I am turning into my sister.
  • You can stay friends with people you met in O week.
  • To stand up for myself and do what I need to.
  • How to direct different mediums of performance.
  • RMIT kinda sounds like armpit but it’s actually brilliant.
  • IH is great.


I’ll probably never stop doing this      Holls

-Holly Nugent

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