You look lovely tonight.
Oh please. Stop pretending.
I wasn’t.
Look out at the harbor. Isn’t it beautiful?
We destroyed something to create it.
But isn’t it beautiful?
Where do you want to go in your life?
What about you?
I’m happy here.
This is all you ever wanted?
This is all I ever needed.
How can you say that?
How can you not?
The world is huge. And beautiful.
Like this harbor?
This harbor isn’t beautiful.

Let me take you somewhere. Somewhere beautiful. Not like this harbor. I’ll show you.
I like this harbor.
But it’s nothing.
I don’t want more than nothing.
What about less than it?
This isn’t less than nothing.
I couldn’t stay here.
Keep your dreams to yourself.
Then you tell me about yours.
What about them?
What are they?
They don’t matter.
Only mine don’t matter.
I used to have some.
But not anymore?
Not anymore.
Why not?
There is nothing left to dream for.
The world is beautiful! That’s enough to dream for.
Is it?
How can you be sure?
I can’t.
Oh. Besides, I don’t want to.
Dream for the world.
Why not?
Should I?
Tell me about your dreams when you were small, then.
I wanted to be a firefighter. I wanted to save people’s lives.
You still can.
No I can’t.
What happened?
I just realized one day that I never could.
I though I could change someone’s life.
You changed my life.
I feel like I hardly know you.
The world is infinite.
Sometimes it scares me.
What – infinity?
And the world.
You live in it. In infinity.
I wish I didn’t.
Where do you think you life would be then?
I don’t want to go anywhere.
As far as this harbor?
Are you afraid?

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